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Revival of the Whittier Blvd Cruise Scene

By Jay Villa

From streetcars to show cars, the Blvd is open, and custom car builders are ready to put on a show. While its reemergence started in the early 2000s, many are happy, and others concerned about County officials put a


From the Archives: The Parking Lot of the Japan Super Show

You probably wouldn’t believe us if we told you that we found these lowriders in the “general parking lot” of the Super Show. Yup, these lowriders were driven to the show and left unattended. It’s definitely a sight to see.

Lowrider Car Shows

Lowrider Culture Comes Together to Raise Autism Awareness

The Autism Society and Ridin Low Entertainment organized their 4th annual Autism Awareness Car Show in Riverside, CA. The show was created to increase awareness about developmental disabilities. The family affair was jam-packed with a few hundred lowriders and we were


The Lowrider Bike: A Form of Cultural Expression.

A lowrider bike is a rolling canvas and a vehicle of expression. With the same attention to detail found in their larger counterparts, lowrider bicycles represent the culture and heritage of lowriding.


The Art of Lowriding

Optima Batteries recognizes the lowrider community’s value and creates a short documentary highlighting the beauty and passion behind the culture.

Cruise Life

Van Nuys Blvd Lowrider Cruise Night

The Van Nuys Blvd Cruise Night may have started off slow, but by 7 pm, It was in full-effect. Some of the usual suspects in attendance were Ruthless Ryderz, Majestic, Primeros, and Westside, to name a few.


Capturing the Global Art & Culture of Lowriding