Elysian Park Cruise hosted
by West Up & Page One

Photos by Jay Valdea | Video: Danny Jay

Elysian Park has long been a destination point for lowriders and the culture itself. Lined with palm trees, the short strip is just a stones throw away from Dodger Stadium and provides a picturesque backdrop that screams Los Angeles. Elysian Park gained mass popularity by lowriders and cruisers after the 80’s crackdown on cruising. After shutting down Whittier, Crenshaw, and Van Nuys Blvd, lowriders and cruisers took to Elysian Park and since then it’s become one of the most iconic spots to not only cruise, but to hang with friends and family. 

So when the father-son team, Big Page and Aaron – of Page One Motorsports and West Up Clothing fame – decided to throw a cruise we had to show up and support along with the hundreds their other supporters. 

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